“2112 by Rush was a life-changer” – Paul Simmons | #Goosebumps

In this episode of #Goosebumps, we are back at Blackbird Studios to speak with the studios’ former operations manager and resident drum tech, Paul Simmons, as he reflects on the moment he first listened to side one of 2112 by Rush – a “life-changing moment” that he will never forget.

#Goosebumps is where we ask some of the best producers, engineers and artists about the musical moments that make the hairs stand up on the back of their neck.

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Now anytime I hear that intro, you know, the keyboard thing, I know what’s coming.

As far as goosebump moment for music was when I put headphones on and put 2112 by Rush on for the first time, reading along the lyrics with vinyl and I have to listen to the whole side.

In fact, I didn’t even know they had it chopped into pieces on the radio. You’d hear it start on the radio and then they’d cut it off. No! You know. You have to play the whole thing.

A lot of Rush Goosebumps, but that’s the one that pops into my mind. 2112. That was a life changer