#AllStarMixTricks | Oli Morgan

Stem mastering engineer at Abbey Road Studios Oli Morgan shares the secret final test he uses to ensure his mixes are release ready, whilst also helping to keep his hearing in check.

Protecting your hearing long-term is essential for longevity in your career. Having made a name for himself working on projects for the likes of Bastille, Elton John and FKJ, this is something Oli Morgan knows all too well.

“Don’t listen to stuff too loud” he begins when asked to reveal his mix tricks:

“As you turn stuff up, the way that your ears respond changes, so you actually get more inaccurate as you turn stuff up.”

Revealing his process for signing off his mixes, he continues:

“When I’ve finished working on everything, my last test is to put it really quiet and if it gives you the same feeling as it does when you’ve got it cranked, but you haven’t got it cranked, then you know it’s finished. Because it feels like it’s loud. It feels it feels right. But you’re not killing your ears.”

Watch the full #AllStarMixTricks episode:

Neil Dowd
Author: Neil Dowd