“It wasn’t by accident, a lot of searching went into finding those things” – Jeff Balding | #PinchYourself

Nashville-based producer, engineer, and music production advocate Jeff Balding (Eagles, Dan + Shay, Jelly Roll) reveals how it felt to work for one of the world’s biggest bands, with over 200 million records sold and countless awards under their belt. It is no surprise that working with a band of this calibre is a major #PinchYourself moment for Jeff. 

Maybe it’s working or jamming with a childhood hero or hearing a vocal that made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

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My experience working with the Eagles has been great. That’s a band that, gosh, who doesn’t love them?

I grew up loving them, so to get a chance to work with them was a great experience. I worked with Don on his solo record as well, and Stan Lynch, who co-produced it with Don.

It’s always interesting when you go into different camps, because they have their style of production, their style and technique of what gets their attention, especially in a mix. But even during tracking, same thing.

And the great thing about Don was he’s so vocal focused on the music. Something would happen or something in the mix if, if a move was a little abrupt while the vocal is playing or something.

It’d be like, “no, you know what, that’s distracting from the vocal. We need to make sure we stay centered here”. So he was very good about keeping a focus of where things were going.

I mean, you listen to Eagles records, all the classics, and you go, those parts are just, everything’s in the right place.

And by accident, it’s like, a lot of searching to find those things. I mean, they had their ducks in a row.