“I’ve had a couple of Pinch Myself moments” – Jeff Braun | #PinchYourself

From reaching the coveted number-one spot on Billboard’s Top 100 chart to landing his first ever sync deal, Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum-selling mixing engineer Jeff Braun (Jason Aldean, Kane Brown, Jelly Roll, The Band CAMINO, Nelly) reflects on the many #PinchYourself moments he has experienced in his career to date.

Maybe it’s working or jamming with a childhood hero or hearing a vocal that made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

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The first Aldean single that I did was my first number one. That was the first time something I did was on the radio.

I’ve had a couple pinch myself moments. The first one was when I had a mix. It was my very first sink mix that ever landed, and it was a trailer of this. Dragon Age: Inquisitions, Xbox video game. That was the first where it was like, wow, something that I did is actually gonna be seen by more than just like my mom and family or something, you know?

So, so that was pretty cool. Or if you’re in an Uber and then country music’s on the, on the radio, it’s like, That’s when I did. That’s when I did. That’s pretty cool. Anytime like that, that, that’s a pinch myself moment.

My wife’s in artist management and she works with a band called Nightly. We send videos at the speaker, like this Nightly song is playing right now and that’s always a cool thing.