NEWS: LISTENTO plugin now supports the New Expanded Track Widths in Pro Tools 2023.6

As of the latest release of LISTENTO plugin, Audiomovers supports Pro Tools’ new channel layouts and expanded track widths.

Audiomovers LISTENTO Version v2.94 – released 26 June 2023 – boasts support for all of the new Pro Tools channel layouts. The new Pro Tools version 2023.6 offers support for track bus and IO widths greater than 7.1.2 (specifically up to 7.1.6 in Pro Tools Studio and 9.1.6 in Pro Tools Ultimate), opening up support for Atmos mixing setups.

Download the latest versions of LISTENTO here

The support for Pro Tools’ new expanded channel widths comes on top of the existing partnership between Audiomovers and Avid, who have partnered on a bundle to bring remote audio collaboration to new and existing Pro Tools users:

– New annual Pro Tools Studio subscribers get a free year of LISTENTO Basic,
– New annual Pro Tools Ultimate subscription get a free year of LISTENTO Pro.
– All existing Pro Tools Studio and Ultimate customers get 25% off either a LISTENTO Basic or LISTENTO Pro annual subscription.
– This Pro Tools Audiomovers promotion will run from June 21 to July 26, 2023.

Learn more about the Avid and Audiomovers partnership here.

Matt Soczywko
Author: Matt Soczywko