Product update: Dolby Atmos support and security features for LISTENTO

We’ve updated LISTENTO with new features. Here’s what you need to know – 

– We’ve updated LISTENTO and released new features, you’ll need to update to take advantage

– Legacy versions of LISTENTO for older DAWs and setups will remain available

– Download and update LISTENTO plugins and App here

Multichannel DOLBY Atmos streaming

Increasingly the default audio settings on streaming platforms is binaural spatial audio – whether the listener is aware or not – as a result, more and more music must be mixed with this in mind. To support the move into mixing spatial audio, LISTENTO now supports 16 channel streaming of Dolby ATMOS.

You can now stream your re-rendered Dolby ATMOS channel layout up to 16 channels (as well as binaural e.g. Apple Render) directly from Nuendo or Logic Pro X.

New security features

To tighten security around sessions and prevent leaks, we continue to work on new security features for LISTENTO —

– Listener approval – this allows you to identify users before they can listen to a stream

– Disable Remote Recording – This disable recorder functionality in Listento Receiver for the
session. (NB. this does not watermark the audio or make recording impossible)

– Random streaming session name / link – this allow the streamer to create a random session
link each login, so listeners can’t continue listening in from one session to the next.

– Recent sessions menu – this allows you to connect to the previous session with no need to
resend the streaming link, great for quickly picking up where you left off and resuming a
previous session

Have feature requests or ideas? We’d love to hear them —

Matt Soczywko
Author: Matt Soczywko