WATCH: #DreamCollabs | Teezio

#DreamCollabs uncovers the reasons behind these collaborations and why it’s essential to dream big, whether meeting their childhood music heroes, working with an emerging artist that excites them or collaborating with an artist whose sound has influenced the creative choices these industry powerhouses make. 

In the latest episode, we speak to legendary mixing engineer Teezio about his dream collaborations, from sharing career-changing opportunities with the acclaimed production duo Daytrip to collaborating on the art that surprises him. 

Watch to discover who these #DreamCollabs are. Trust us, we can already tell these collaborations would be out of this world. 



“My dreams of my ideal session would be to work with –

I’d want to work with the producers Daytrip who are very close friends of mine. They’re like the nicest guys ever.

And I’d want them to do a record with Adele. And I’d want to be there and I’d want to cut Adele’s vocals and then I want to mix the record. That would be like n right?

Now if you ask me what I want to do, because I really fuck with it. Do you guys know who Central Cee is? ‘How could I be homophobic? My bitch is gay.’

Shit liked that. I was like, fuck who says shit like that?

That’s the type of shit that I like stuff that catches me by surprise. I need to work with him. I want to come to my house and smoke weed with me. And I want to make a record for him.

Just give me the song and let me do it. Like I want to be a part of it.