WATCH: ‘I had J.Y Park involved directly in a single!’ | #TilYouMakeIt | Alina Smith

 Alina Smith delves into her experiences of working with the biggest labels in k-pop, including singer-songwriter, record producer and record executive J.Y Park.

Initially drawn to k-pop music due to the expression of musicianship that it allows, songwriter and founder of LYRE MUSIC GROUP Alina Smith has built her rep working with some of the biggest names in the genre, including Itzy, Red Velvet and SUNMI.



“I don’t find it challenging to deal with labels because they’re really good at communicating.

I like K-pop, I think it’s really musically interesting. You can just kind of show off musically. Dealing with labels in Korea, it’s not that difficult. They’re very fair to writers I find in most aspects. They communicate very well, if they want any tweaks or changes.

Obviously, the higher level, more advanced source promotion project you’re working on, there’s going to be more label people involved. I’ve had the head of a record label, J.Y Park involved in a song that I worked on.

They can be quite intense with changes and requests and I see it as a positive thing. If I see a bunch of change requests, I’m like ‘Oh, they want this and they like really want to try to make it work’.

As writers, we just have to match that energy and it works. It’s not it’s not that hard. You just have to have a good attitude about it.

Neil Dowd
Author: Neil Dowd