WATCH: #NerdingOut | Andrew Dudman

#NerdingOut is where we uncover the tools of the pros — the sacred plugins, gear and instruments that are essential to the workflows of acclaimed producers, engineers and artists. 

In this edition of #NerdingOut, we are honored to be joined by Andrew Dudman, Senior Engineer at Abbey Road Studios. Andrew is one of the foremost British film-scoring engineers, having worked on recording blockbuster scores from Star Wars to Lord of the Rings, to Guardians of the Galaxy, Baby Driver, Gravity, and many many more.

Andrew took us behind the scenes on how he got started using Audiomover’s LISTENTO on recording sessions at Abbey Road and how it’s become core to his work.



It just makes our workflow so much more flexible.

During Covid, obviously we were forced to work remotely and collaborate remotely, but what we found is we’ve taken some of those workflows and applied them to our everyday working here.

So I can sit mixing with the producer behind me streaming to his laptop. He can put his headphones on and kind of check how it compares against the consumer kind of playback systems rather than the the pro systems.

I make sure that I’ve got LISTENTO on all my sessions just sitting on a stereo bus ready to use.

Obviously we’re benefit from having beautiful, large, full range monitors in all the studios here, but you want to be able to ab on for different scenario.

And actually this is so simple. We just load up a link on your, on your phone or on your laptop, and then you can Bluetooth that to headphones or to the TV or anything.

It gives you kind of complete control of how, how you listen.