WATCH: #WhereIWork | Matt Genovese

Matt Genovese takes us through some of the amazing gear he’s cultivated through the years, picking out the choicest pieces in his collection and taking us through the kit he would save in a worst-case scenario.

If a fire broke out in your studio space and you could only save five pieces of gear what would you save?

We knew the question we had to ask, when we visited producer and songwriter Matthew Genovese at his drool-worth analog studio in LA.



“I’m responsible engineer and I have backups that stay in my computer. And then I have another backup that I do every day.

Then I take it out of my studio and put it in my house, in case my studio burned down. so I wouldn’t have to grab a hard drive or a computer.

I would grab my Stevie Ray Vaughan Strat that I’ve done all my hours on, and my Martin OM-28 V. That’s two.

I would probably wheel out my tape machine, my Scully 280 And then maybe my Oberheim OB-8 and the DMX drum machine.

Those are replaceable, but it would be hard to replace. Everything else I think insurance would cover and I could find.”

Neil Dowd
Author: Neil Dowd