“It’s in there somewhere but the key is to not give up” – F. Reid Shippen #MixTricks

We join the five-time Grammy Award-winning mixer, engineer and producer F. Reid Shippen at Nashville’s Infrasonic Studio as he shares advice on how to stay motivated when working on a challenging mix.

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'Don’t second guess yourself, there’s power in momentum'

For the Grammy Award-winning mastering engineer, Nathan Dantzer, trusting your first instincts and leaning into what excites you without letting doubt creep in will always lead to better results.

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“Most mastering engineers don’t pay attention to meters or numbers. It’s all about EQ” – Pete Lyman | #MixTricks

In this episode of #MixTricks Grammy-nominated mastering engineer, and owner of Infrasonic Mastering Pete Lyman (Chris Stapleton, Jason Isbell, Brandi Carlile) speaks about the power of EQ and why it is every mastering engineer’s best friend. 
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